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  • Do you want to perform a development of multiple even (stands); for example, a township or cluster home development?

  • Do you want to create a sectional title scheme?

  • Do you want to section off one or more pieces of your land (Erf or farm) to sell?

  • Do you want to consolidate two or more pieces of land (Erf or farm)?

  • Do you want to create a short/long term lease area?

  • Do you want to protect a pipeline, borehole, powerline, access route or anything similar, over another party’s land in a servitude?

  • Do you have a boundary dispute or simply want to relocate the beacons of your property?

  • Do you have a block of flats that you want to convert the ownership of to a sectional title scheme?

  • Are you member of a body-corporate in a sectional title scheme where certain extensions to sections need to be incorporated into the scheme?

  • Are you a conveyancer or a bank and require a property to be identified? Do you need a property identification certificate for mortgage purposes?

  • Are you an estate agent and require assistance with property inquiries?


  • Do you plan to design and build any of the following (large/bulk or small scale)?

    • Road

    • Bridge

    • Platform

    • Stormwater drainage

    • Sewer-lines

    • Pipeline

    • Plant (industrial/crusher/mixing)

    • Dam

    • House

    • Hospital

    • School

    • Fuel station

    • Power lines

    • Any other development

We can assist in the topographic survey of the land; the survey of existing services, accesses and any additional requirements to assist the engineer or architect with the design.

  • Are you a contractor with design/layout drawings and you want to stake the positions correctly on the ground?

  • Do you require an as-built survey when any of the above are complete?

  • Do you require an as-built survey on any structure or feature?

  • Do you require an as-built survey of any other site?

  • Do you require a volume survey of material? Do you have a crusher/mixing plant with heaps/piles where monthly stock needs to be taken?

  • Do you require a volume survey of stock at a mine?

  • Do you require a volume survey of a quarry or dam?

  • Do you require any survey relating to mine surface operations?

  • Do you need to monitor a structure for movement or during a load test?


  • Are you a mine or construction company and require a general surface plan in order to comply with Regulation 17(24) of the MINE HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT, 1996? (We work in association with Registered Mine Surveyor, Mr TG Barnard MSCC Nr. 1805 ).

  • Are you an architect or engineer and require a topographic map for design or information purposes?

  • Are you a farmer requiring your crops to be mapped? (We are currently investigating being able to provide a service for mapping crop health and counting wild game).

  • Do you require the boundaries of your property plotted with an aerial photo overlay? (We have all the cadastral data of South Africa with orthophoto mosaic background available).

  • Do you require a simple sketch plan for contract or other purposes?

  • Do you  need a site development plan?

  • Do you have co-ordinates that require conversion between different systems and datums?


  • Do you need to consult on a new, planned development?

  • Do you need to find and establish benchmarks, possibly in remote areas, which need to be tied to a co-ordinate system?

  • Do you require simple drainage designs?

  • Do you require cut and fill balancing on earthworks?

  • Do you have a project and require the training of field staff?

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